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Indigenous Tourism

Working on Country

GBR Biology have partnered with Traditional Owners, elders and local Indigenous Land and Sea Country Ranger groups to provide the appropriate cultural awareness and protocols ensuring we share and safeguard the cultural values of their respective peoples. The First Nations individuals share their knowledge and engage with our valued guests, education programs, research and site stewardship projects. GBR Biology engage in educating staff members to ensure cultural sensitivity and a respectful communication between groups as we build bridges with Traditional Owners.

To Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, “Country” is not only a place of belonging, but also a way of believing. The term “Sea Country” isn’t just referring to a geographical area, it includes all living things, beliefs, values, creation stories, spirits and cultural obligations associated with it. We are proud to immerse ourselves in the culture of the First Nations people and be a part of building bridges and providing opportunities within this space.

Our Cultural Connection

GBR Biology is proud to be including Traditional Owners and individuals from First Nations people to provide opportunities in sharing their culture with our valued guests as Cultural Guides. We showcase the importance of Dreamtime and storytelling surrounding traditional owner management and history of the land and Sea Country on which we work and play.

Dreamtime Dive and Snorkel

Cairns, Queensland

As the first Indigenous specific tourism product operating on the Great Barrier Reef, we pride ourselves in connecting individuals to Country. GBR Biology provides a platform to share culture on the global stage.


Reef Magic

Cairns, Queensland

GBR Biology has created new opportunities to showcase Traditional Owner knowledge on Gunggandji Sea Country. Daily, we conduct cultural presentations for our valued guests which include glass bottom boat tours and traditional dance music presentations. These presentations showcase, Indigenous Ecological Knowledge, cultural values and Sea Country management.

reef-magic-glass-bottom-boat- indigenous-tourism

Reef Education

Cairns, Queensland

When working with the future generations, the importance of sharing the past cannot be understated. Our goal is that every student visiting the Great Barrier Reef has the opportunity to engage in the cross-curriculum priority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures. Our cultural guides play a vital role in each reef education program to provide insight into the traditional management and uses of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. They also share personal stories introducing totems, artwork, and music with students to give a personal perspective on the culture and people of the Great Barrier Reef.

indigenous tourism cultural conversations on board